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The best restaurants in the area of our city.

I think everyone ate something in town. However, the question remains, why do we often go to fast food bars, offering food of dubious freshness and repeatedly overpriced? Can we explain everything wit lack of time, money or willingness? In the end we are what we eat.
Krakow offers an unusual variety of restaurants in our city. Starting with traditional tastes associated almost exclusively with Poland, by popular Italian or French dishes, on mysterious Asian cuisine ending. Numerous restaurants boast magnificent climate, soul and rich history.
Polish Kitchen – our true heritage , and the greatest legacy. The miracle on this earth, the magnificence rising above the highest peaks, praised under the heavens …
OK, maybe a bit exaggerated, but in adoration for a traditional pork chop with salad I was raised. Let’s call it culinary patriotism.
The truth is that Polish cuisine is underestimated in the world. Connoisseurs often complain about the calorie and severity of their food. The sharper, Polish climate, however, requires more energy than this, offered for example by the Mediterranean kitchen.
A considerable disadvantage is also the time consuming preparation of most dishes – marinating, stuffing, or smoking often occupy the whole day. The ideal, however, never arises immediately. Usually requires precision and patience.

What is Polish cuisine really? You will find answers in Krakow!