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Tours around Cracow

When you come to Cracow you suddenly feel that you are surrounded by living history. Looking around you notice not only historical buildings or monuments coming from old times but also you see the print of time which was left on them. Your eyes are drawn by facades of tenement houses nicked by rifle bullets or dates engraved on Jewish matzevas.

IIntuition tells us what historical events took place here but how can we learn details? What are other places which we should visit? What else will we be able to see?
Touristic offer in our city is very varied so we have chosen what is best in it. There is something interesting for everyone.

Exceptional bike, melex, horse-drawn carriage and segway tours.

There is nothing sure but the fact that your own feet will take you anywhere. But everyone needs a moment of rest. There are many ways to visit our city thoroughly without much physical effort, they are an unusual experience and will give you lots of fun.

Themed tours – for those who are hungry for knowledge.

Sometimes general information is not enough for you. You want to know more, hear about all the details. It is human curiousity and interest in detail that has made civilization progress so fast.
We are asking a question then: where and how can you feed your knowledge hunger?
We have decided to meet the expectations of people who want to know more and more with a series of themed tours. Each topic is thoroughly discussed here. Our trips are a perfect occasion for learning and seeing how lives in the old times looked like.

Long-distance tours – not only Cracow is worth visiting.

Cracow is not the only place in Poland which has plenty to offer. Its closer and further neighbourhoods are equally interesting and you can find traces of Polish history and traditions there. Aged, wooden churches, enormous castles and majestic fortresses are densely spread on the map.
Our country is famous for breathtaking landscapes and lush wild nature. There you can find trails in high mountains, thousand-year-old forests, unexplored caves. It is enough to pack a rucksack, leave your house and you will surely find something worth your attention. Leaving your problems and worries behind, go ahead and see the beauty of Poland.